No poverty

Solidarity campaigns

Linked to SDG 1 (No poverty)

In 2020, the Toyota do Brasil Foundation made donations and promoted campaigns to fight the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus and to help vulnerable families.

Learn more about the actions:

– Donation of four Hilux vehicles, adapted for ambulances, to the cities of São Bernardo do Campo, Indaiatuba, Sorocaba and Porto Feliz (in the State of São Paulo).

– Donation of 30,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to the São Paulo State Government.

– Donation of 50 tons of food to the most socially vulnerable families in the municipalities where Toyota, the founder of the Toyota Foundation, maintains its operations: São Bernardo do Campo, Indaiatuba, Sorocaba, Porto Feliz (in the State of São Paulo) and Guaíba (in the State of Rio Grande do Sul) and communities where the Toyota Foundation operates in the country.

– With the support of Uni Arte Costura and ASCA, sewing cooperatives  in partnership with Toyota in the ReTornar Project, produced over 8,000 fabric masks to meet the needs of the cities of Sorocaba and Indaiatuba (in the State of São Paulo).

– Regional aid in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Costa dos Corais: besides the donation of food and hygiene products for 460 families in the Fishermen’s Village of Tamandaré (PE), the Toyota Foundation, in partnership with Pesca e Saúde and Ircos Projects produced 20,000 washable masks, creating protection, employment, and income for the local community; adapted and used the existing structures and facilities in the Fishermen’s Village Z-5 in Tamandaré for processing and obtaining the Municipal Sanitary Green Seal; produced a model to be replicated in other communities with fish delivery service, strengthening the village and local fishing; and trained fishermen in safe food handling practices in the fight against COVID-19.

– Regional aid in the Serra da Mantiqueira – the Águas da Mantiqueira Project, a partnership between the Toyota Foundation and Fundepag, delivered 200 baskets of basic food items to families in the municipality of Santo Antônio do Pinhal (SP). To continue the activities of the Santo Antônio do Pinhal, Sapucaí-Mirim (MG) and Gonçalves (MG) Public Elementary Schools, the organization helped to create three long-distance communication networks, with the objective of structuring the set of educational activities (pedagogical scripts), which support the students during this period of online classes. 

– Donation of 500 inclusive (transparent) masks for the Black Women’s Movement (Momunes) and Lar Casa Bela to help in the communication process.

– Campanha do Agasalho campaign: for the first time, in 2020, the Campanha do Agasalho campaign was possible thanks to financial donations. With the amount raised, the initiative delivered warm clothing and bedding to assist entities that help children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly in vulnerable situations in Indaiatuba, São Bernardo do Campo, Sorocaba, and Porto Feliz — cities in the State of São Paulo where Toyota has manufacturing plants — and to Guaíba, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, where the carmaker has a vehicle distribution center. 

The campaign takes place every year and is part of the Desafio Solidário, a Toyota do Brasil project that promotes initiatives with a social focus. Because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and to avoid contamination, the 2020 campaign was fully digital, and the fundraising was done through bank transfers, unlike previous campaigns, which was done through the collection of new or used items. 

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