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How to Zoom in and Zoom Out the Text

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Assistive Technologies

Suggestions of available programs for people with disabilities.

Software for Visually Impaired

  • Nitrous Voice Flux: controls the computer by voice. Free;
  • NVDA: free screen reader software – multiple languages (Windows). Free;
  • YeoSoft Text: screen reader in English and Portuguese;
  • Jaws for Windows: screen reader – multiple languages;
  • Virtual Vision: screen reader in Brazilian Portuguese (Windows);
  • DOSVOX: system for the visually impaired (Windows or Linux).

Note: Read in the screen reader manual on the best way to navigate web pages.

Software for Hearing Impaired

  • Hand Talk: Translation tool for the Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) that makes content accessible to the hearing impaired. It has a plugin, which is installed on websites, that automatically translates text and images content into LIBRAS, and a free application, available for Android and iOS, that translates texts and audios also into the Brazilian Sign Language, functioning as a pocket dictionary;
  • VLibras: Link opens the VLibras website in a new window. Suite of tools made available by the government to be installed on the computer. This tool translates digital content (text, audio, and video) into the Brazilian Sign Language – LIBRAS, making computers, mobile devices and Web platforms accessible to the hearing impaired.

Note: The automatic translation software for LIBRAS is still not exact and its use can result in translation mistakes.